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Kalcine Enterprises is proud to release a new documentary:

Biography Bhagat Puran Singh of Pingalwara, Amritsar

This 45-minute documentary is devoted to the relatively unknown, yet remarkably selfless life and work of Bhagat Puran Singh, an unsung hero of India.

Most of the world religions, in one way or the other, emphasize that service to those in need and adversity is a human virtue, and a channel for spiritual attainment. Yet, in human history, only a few are acknowledged for having lived wholeheartedly by that lofty ideal.

Like Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Albert Schweitzer, Bhagat Puran Singh of Pingalwara, Amritsar was among the few shining stars in recent history who devoted their entire lives to serving the sick, the weak and the destitute.
When he died in 1992, there were no headlines, no huge processions, no massive garlands of flowers. But he left something vastly more enduring, a legacy of care and concern for all the world to see. It is a legacy that animates every atom of his beloved institution, Pingalwara.
Through the eyes of one of those unfortunates for whom he cared, this 45-minute documentary conveys the story of one of the most remarkable men of the modern era....Bhagat Puran Singh.


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The Punjab has been known as the cradle of ancient civilization that flourished in the "Indus valley". The most important cities of this civilization were Mahenjo-daro located in Sind and Harapa in Punjab, now both sites are in Pakistan.

These two cities were quite large and the buildings were impressive, they might be the capital cities of two provinces.

End of the nineteenth century, lot of excavation revealed the super planning and grandeur of these cities.

From the relics recovered it can be concluded that the cultures flourished in these centers also influenced large parts of the region, Iran, India and Pakistan.

Punjab in Persian means the land of Punj(five) aab (rivers) as mentioned in the writings of Ibn-Batuta (1304-1378 AD). Present Indian Punjab no longer has five rivers. Only two them (Sutlej, and Beas) fall within its territory now. But across and beyond the rivers, Punjab has extended its cultural frontiers to almost every corner of the world. In earlier years Punjabis used to travel to various British colonies in technical professions i.e. carpenters, blacksmith or masons for better prospectus, now Punjabis have settled down in U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia and many other countries. They are the adventures bunch. A Punjabi does not go out in the world in search of mere livelihood but for a sense of identity in the changing world of today.

These hard working people have made many strides in their new adopted countries.

Generally when we talk about culture, there is a stereotype that "Punjabi culture is only the agriculture", well- agriculture is the mother of all cultures, therefore Punjabi's should be proud of this culture.

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Joginder Kalsi

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The Wedding Ceremonies 

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A documentary on the Hindu and Sikh marriage ceremonies. 

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The Wedding Ceremonies - Intro (275K bits)

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